CHEA is an association of Charlotte area support groups whose purpose is to promote better communication, support, fellowship, and unity among Charlotte homeschoolers.

  • Each support group has individual membership requirements and government.
  • Each group provides one member to serve on the CHEA Board.
  • The CHEA Board meets semi-annually.
  • Each support group is responsible for setting policies for each activity it provides for CHEA.
  • CHEA membership automatically constitutes acceptance of CHEA Board policies.

Homeschooling in North Carolina


In North Carolina, homeschoolers enjoy the freedom of minimal state requirements. Homeschooling is regulated by the   (NCDNPE). Full documentation about legal requirements and how to register a homeschool can be found on their site: .

Additional information regarding how to homeschool in NC can be found at:   or by contacting one of CHEA's .

Member Group Information

Each CHEA group is unique in personality and philosophy. We encourage each other’s uniqueness, knowing that these differences offer many more opportunities for our homeschool families. There are also certain traits, which are common to successful support groups. As an association, we strive to ensure that all our member groups are strong, no matter their size and individuality. To help accomplish this goal, and maintain our credibility, CHEA requires each member group to adhere to a reasonable minimum standard.


CHEA Minimum Requirements

  • Regular group activities (may include: family outings, classes, Moms/Dads/Parents' Night Out, and/or field trips)
  • Achievement Testing Services and/or Information
  • Group representative present at all CHEA Board meetings
  • Leadership of one or more CHEA activities or services
  • Phone Chain or E-Mail Communication
  • Minimum of 20 families
  • Advisory Committee

The CHEA Singers program was created to provide choral training for homeschooled students in the greater Charlotte area. There are over 250 singers who meet on Tuesday afternoons in the Matthews area to participate in various choirs for ages 6-19. Our desire is to produce skilled musicians who seek to serve others and glorify God through singing.